Declaring Abundant Life In Christ

Nehemiah: The Joy of the LORD is your Strength

Nehemiah is the last historical book in Old Testament and deals with the rebuilding of the walls and gates of Jerusalem after Israel returns from 70 years of exile.  Years earlier, at the decree of a Gentile king, Ezra the scribe had been instrumental in the reconstruction of the temple in Jerusalem as God fulfilled His word concerning Israel's captivity and return to the promised land.  At that time only a small number of people returned to rebuild the temple and begin to inhabit the city and Nehemiah discovers just how desperate the living conditions are.  He begins to pray in repentance and to seek the LORD, confident that God will be faithful to restore His people to the land if they turn their hearts back to Him.

This is the story of Joy as God's people begin to truly live in Him!

Past Messages

Lawrence Jensen minsters as pastor here at the New Sweden Mission Church. 
Prior to this he served as the Assistant Director and Principal of a Bible School at Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre on Thetis Island. He is husband to Lori and father to son, Daniel and daughter, Mary.

Lawrence is effectively involved in countless lives, young and old alike, in teaching and preaching, discipling, encouraging and leading others to discover Christ as Life. With love for the Lord, clarity of vision and consistent walk in Christ. Lawrence’s joy is to see the Lord Jesus Christ glorified in our midst so that others may come to know Him and His saving life and power.