To the Church of New Sweden

If only these logs could the story tell

How before the axe and the saw they fell,

To build for the Lord a meeting place

Where the people could hear of His love and grace.

The first three years, O, the peoples nerve

That another purpose this building serve,

For here was no schoolhouse far or near

To help us rightly the children rear.

So desks were made by the handy man

To serve both the school and the church's plan,

Until the day when the schoolhouse came,

And the children could occupy the same.

We travelled to church wit horses and sleigh,

And wagon or buggy on hot summer day.

We had lots of time both to sing and to talk,

So glad for the ride, it was better than walk.

Now now through the years the logs they could tell

Of joyous occasions and sorrow as well,

Of bride and of bridegroom, who started together,

Joining hearts and hand in all kinds of weather.

They also could tell of the young and the old

Carried out of the church so still and so cold,

Their souls went to glory for so it was best,

Though their bodies out in the graveyard do rest.

So young generation I pray you today,

Be faithful to God and walk in His way,

For the work in the future He's willing to do,

Can only be done if He is dwelling in you.

To God we give thanks, the praise and the glory,

For He alone has the whole story

Of the good and the bad, of the smiles and tears,

Of all that has happened these 75 years.

by Mrs. Sam Weaver


By the year 1892, the homestead land adjacent to Wetaskiwin had mostly been taken.  The Swedish immigrants who responded to the enticing offer of a quarter-section of homestead land for ten dollars, settled an area to the south-east of Wetaskiwin, which came to be known as New Sweden.  On March 11, 1894 some these pioneers gathered in the home of Claus H. Swanson to consider the need to organize and on May 26 of the same year the first board of the New Sweden Mission Church was set up, as well as a tentative constitution. 

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